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Apple Complete Recovered White


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The Apple Complete Recovered T-Shirt by Mahweh Clothing

The Big Apple. It’s a city that is filled with life.

It’s also a city that sometimes feels like it is filled with strife. Life can be wonderful in NYC. It can also be painful and difficult. Sometimes this city chews you up and spits you out.

But then you take one look at one of her iconic landmarks. The Statute of Liberty, for example, and you don’t mind the city’s saliva dripping down your cheek. If you can make it here, then you can make it anywhere.

And that’s what is reflected in this exclusive t-shirt offered by Mahweh Clothing Company. We are the core of NYC. The people are its blood. We keep the heart pumping.

When you put this design over your heart, you’re connected to the city. You’re showing your strength. Some days may try to conquer us, but rest assured: we always come back stronger.

No one will ever put us down. Put this shirt on your back and dare others to do the same. Together we are the Big Apple. We have recovered. We always will.

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