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Shipping Information for Mahweh Clothing Company

All products offered by Mahweh Clothing Company ship from NYC. Orders ship for free. We strive to fulfill all orders placed within 24 hours of your purchase, though the occasional weekend day or holiday might get in the way. This means a vast majority of our orders will arrive at your preferred location in 4-7 business days in the United States.

We also ship our innovative clothing products to Canada. Because of the international transfer, we find that most shipping times are 6-9 business days for our Canadian customers.

Unfortunately, we cannot be more specific than this as the exact shipping time is based on your location compared to New York City. Seattle customers will likely receive their shipments later than someone in Boston.

We do not ship products outside of the US or Canada at this time. Our apologies. We’re working on it. Drop us an email to let us know that you’re interested.

For some customers, duties and taxes may apply once our items reach your destination. These charges are not the responsibility of Mahweh Clothing Company.